oldies but goodies

August 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

In the name of transitions (see below, my new favorite booties), here is an outfit that can be worn in these last days of summer, and also with tights throughout the fall and winter.

The post is named because some of these items are from the very olden days of my closet. The white dress (yes dress, not skirt) is actually more of a beach cover up from Forever 21 that is slightly see-through without proper undergarments. Hence the shirt and jacket. The striped shirt is by Splendid. But the piece de resistance is the Marc by Marc Jacobs military-esque jacket that I got when I was in Miami about a million years ago. I remember finding it in Bloomingdales and I ended up getting it for such a good price because I signed up for their Bloomies credit card and earned an extra 15%, etc, etc. Anyways, this was the first purchase of mine where I used the dollar-per-wear rationale. Even if it’s fabulously expensive, as long as you wear it a million times, it will be worth it. Take the amount and divide by how many times you are likely to wear it. Needless to say it worked; I bought it about 6 years ago and must have worn it about 300-400 times. All in all, great purchase. And now, with the utilitarian trend still going strong, I am excited to resurrect it and wear it again! So all that paired with my favorite H&M booties and a ring gifted to me from Mexico. Now for fall, all I need is a pair of tights and a parka or anorak to throw over it all.

pictures taken by my beautiful and talented friend Wendy. check out her inspirations at http://thegoodbones.tumblr.com/


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