girls night out

August 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

This weekend my girlfriends and I decided to have a girls night playing in the sun and making drinks and dinner followed by a night out of dancing. So with that comes the ultimate question of what to wear. Personally, I dress for myself and other women (and sometimes my boyfriend) because for the most part men just don’t get a lot of fashions (see a hilarious and accurate blog about the males lack of understanding female style). So when a group of women get together, we generally don’t dress for men, we dress for each other. After trying on a number of outfits (as I usually do), I went for the most comfortable one. Regardless of how enamored I am with an outfit or a piece of clothing, if I don’t feel comfortable and confident in it, I don’t wear it. Mostly because what you wear is really how you wear it, and I don’t want to look like I hate what I’m wearing.

I never thought I would wear a tie-up belly shirt. EVER. But never say never, because here I am on the internet wearing one (from H&M). The shorts are from Aritzia, they are silk and high-waisted and incredibly comfortable. They are also something I believe the opposite sex will hate as some say they look “saggy” in the bottom area, which is, let’s face it, not incredibly attractive. But nevertheless, I still love them. The shoes are from Steve Madden and seem to have become my signature. I honestly believe that leopard can be a neutral (believe it or not, these pumps go with everything). I bought them in New York about 5 years ago, and I refuse to throw them out. I could probably do with a new pair, but just can’t seem the find ones that look sexy, not skanky (which is something leopard can easily achieve). My jewelry is silver AND gold (gasp!) because I just don’t care about those fashion colour rules (no navy and black, no silver and gold). On another tangent, I LOVE navy and black, as long as the colours are distinct enough from each other so the navy doesn’t look like faded black. The watch is a Michael Kors gold one from years ago that I adore, and the silver bangles are from anywhere and everywhere I could find (Mexico, Miami, Walmart, Tiffany). I ended up adding deep red lipstick later on the evening to give myself some colour. Bisoux!


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